Actor, model, graphic-designer, dancer, choreographer, singer. William Sturtevant has undertaken many vocations in his lifetime yet one aspect has remained constant: His unabating pursuit of his dreams and his desire to inspire others to never give up and reach for the stars.

Originally from Clifton Park, NY, William comes from a family of artists. Ever since he was two years old, he enjoyed entertaining people and making them smile. Inspired by icons like Gene Kelly, Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Chaplin, Will Smith, Jonhny Depp and Tom Hanks, William knew he belonged in the bright lights. He knew he wanted to be an actor.

He was consistently faced with opposition and lack of support, including from people he was closest to. He decided to forego his passion and built himself to become a successful graphic designer. He achieved success, yet something was still missing.

William’s life dramatically changed when his mother, Sandra, passed away in an unexpected accident. She was William’s only supporter. Inspired by a letter she wrote him before her passing and in tribute to her, William relit the fire inside him and decided to never stop pushing until he became what he always had dreamed of: a triple threat actor, singer and dancer.

William has recorded a studio album in NYC and starred in his first music video, “Inspired”. He also wrote a script for a musical in collaboration with a community of artists and performers.

“Whenever I can help someone through my acting or inspire someone to push forward and accomplish a part of their dreams, I feel overly excited and joyful. I am filled with a tremendous sense of pride. Never give up when it comes to your dreams and never let anybody stop you. Always do what makes you happy; it’s your life after all”.

-William Sturtevant

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