I have know William for about year now and one thing has always amazed me about him: his consistent pursuit and actualization of the values that are important to him. Having worked closely with William in his first music video, “Inspired”, I was struck by his “let’s do it now” attitude and hard work. Not only was he the star of the video and under a great deal of stress in dealing with that, but he was also behind the scenes working diligently as a producer and coordinator of the project. I love working with individuals that know what they want and are passionate about what they believe in. Because of this, I’m certain I will work with William for years to come.

Juan Luis Lopez Fons, Film Director and Editor

When Will Sturtevant showed up at the Upstate Photographers studio for the first time way back in August 2009, we figured he was just another kid with a dream and not much more.

Since that first headshot session, we’ve photographed Will many times — each time gaining more respect for his abilities, talent, goals, and perseverance. Nobody plans for a photo shoot like Will does, and I know that calm attention to detail carries over to all areas of his life.

As a studio that works with a lot of musicians, actors, and entertainers in the Albany area, we enjoy watching many friend’s careers mature and evolve. But it’s been a unique privilege to be a part of Will’s life, and an absolute blast watching him navigate the twists and turns of the industry while keeping his dreams fresh and his sense of humor alive. If anybody deserves to make it in the biz, Will does!

All the best, buddy. You mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you! The sky’s the limit!

Paul Grupp and Brenda Rose
Owners, Upstate Photographers
May 25, 2011

I Michael Drobny have had the pleasure of Knowing William and working along side with him on a few projects such as “Inspired” and “The Chaplins” to name a few. He has come a long way since i have met him.

He used to be so quiet when we first met at the Albany Talent. But he has grown and become such an out going person and grabs the attention of many he meets with his go get them attitude. Will is very focused and goal driven, meeting any challenge that is given to him.

I also find him to be sufficient and well organized in all that he does!

Michael Drobny

Will Sturtevant is a pleasure to work with. He is warm, engaging, intelligent and hard working. Will is also friendly, fun and incredibly talented – it seems as if there is nothing creative that he cannot do. He’s not afraid to try new things and put himself out there for his craft. Unfortunately, our time together was short – I would have loved the opportunity to explore his creative gifts some more.

Sam Whitehouse – Owner/Voice Coach, Sam Whitehouse Music, LLC